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Textual connectors and sequence markers

Textual connectors and sequence markers на нашем сайте

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also in addition moreover furthermore besides too overall

what's more (informal) in brief/short b Summary:

to sum up then overall in brief/short с Conclusion:

in conclusion finally lastly to conclude dEquivalence:

in other words that means namely that is to say or rather eInclusion:

for example for instance say such as as follows (written)

e.g. (formal and written) f Highlight:

in particular in detail especially notably chiefly mainly g Generalisation:

usually normally as a rule in general for the most part in

most cases on the whole h Stating the obvious:

obviously naturally of course clearly

20. Cive a summary of the text dividing it into several logical parts.

As you read the following paragraph a) try to observe its structure, point out the topic sentence, the details of various kinds, the transitional devices used to move from one example to the other and the paragraph terminator.

1. In the United States any person who completes elementary and secondary school (grades 1 to 12) has a variety of advanced educa­tional opportunities from which to choose. 2. For those people inter­ested in a four year general education in preparation for work or fur­ther university study in such professional schools as law, medicine, or dentistry, there are hundreds of liberal arts colleges throughout the country, with widely varying curricula. 3. For those who want a four year technical education in one of the arts or sciences, there are spe­cialized schools in, for example, music or engineering or architecture.

4. For the person who wants to enter the labour force in a particular vocation and with modest preparation in general education, most cit­ies provide two year community colleges. 5. Increasingly important in recent years are technical institutes sponsored by various busi­nesses and industries solely for the training of their own employees. 6. The brief summary of educational opportunities available to high school graduates in the United States suggests that organized learn­ing can continue for several years beyond the basic twelve grades.

As you have observed, the plan of the paragraph is the following: the topic sentence (1) states the main idea of the whole paragraph; sentences (2, 3, 4, 5) — example sentences that give details to sup­port the main idea of the topic sentence; the paragraph terminator, or a restatement sentence (6) reaffirms the central idea of the topic sentence.

Название статьи Textual connectors and sequence markers